When we decide to focus on something, we don't give up until the goal is reached.Thanks to some creative thinking, friends help and insights the Comfort Cases Fundraiser was a SMASH HIT - and the Tik Tok Lives were a bunch of fun too!

As of today we've raised over fourteen thousand dollars and again the THANKS goes to all of our TIK TOK family

WE CAN DO BETTER and.......... WE DID!!

On Episode 14 with Rob Scheer of Comfort Cases. The FFR dynamic duo of Rob C & J Hawk learned for the first time the personal challenges faced by Foster children.

What shocked us most was hearing that most were placed into the system, having all of their belongings placed into a black TRASH BAGS! It was during this episode that the FFR dynamic duo placed their honor on the line by telling Rob Scheer they'd work to collect 12k or more for his cause, he was shocked and amazed by this offering!

As of October 1st - donations continue to pour in which has helpd the WE NATION help FFR collect close to $14,000!!!!!!

This would not have been possible without the FFR - WE NATION!!