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Fall Forward Radio Raises & Donates $14,000!

Comfort Cases
By pure luck, another show guest suggested we meet and interview, Rob Scheer, of Comfort Cases.
Watch Episode 14 here
This one interview was an emotional rollercoast for Rob C and J Hawk. We never felt such a deep call to action and knew we had to do something!
Rob C and J Hawk went to work, supported by so many great people on Tik Tok, and so together 14k was raised in less than 1 week!!!!! #NOMORETRASHBAGS


Fostering A Brighter Outcome - with Lorelei Of The Sea
A TRUE INSPIRATION - J Hawk & Rob C share their exciting trip to Maryland to present the $14,000 check to Comfort Cases and show how all the bags are assembled for the Foster Children. Whilst fundraising on Tik Tok they came across a lady named Lorelei Of the Sea who had been through the foster care system and had indeed travelled from home to home with a black trash bag. They speak to her to find out how Rob Scheer and Comfort Cases has given her a new lease on life. .


We’re no different than many of our viewers, affected by the COVID19 crisis but inspired to shine the light on positivity in the world. Our very own J Hawk was recently laid off from his job and so he quickly decided to turn his misfortune around by focusing on a talk radio/podcast format as the broadcast medium.

With a short text message to his close friend, Rob C, so began the Fall Forward Radio and it’s mission - find inspiring people, inspiring stories and share it with the world. The bar is set high with with our sights focused on recording hundreds of episodes within our first year.


The FFR crew is dedicated to creating a window so all can see the world’s good acts happening by common every day people for others.

Audiences tuning in will gain the FFR Crew’s shared perspectives about inspirational stories from around the world while hearing illuminating interviews with common everyday individuals who are making a difference in others lives. Our dream and frankly goal is to interview celebrities alike - see our top guest wish list

We hope this radio podcast ignites fun conversations with a good bit of humor between friends, family members and co-workers.


JHAWK, like many of our listeners was a COVID19 layoff victim. A connoisseur of sorts -- and while he has an impressive background, his present credential is, "Falling Forward!" At the center of his focus is being a husband to a breast cancer warrior and sherpa to his two young boys. J Hawk believes, “The time is now to focus on all the good happening around this world rather than all of the constant dirty laundry presented on the news outlets.”


ROB C was born and marinated in London, England. He moved to Florida 7 years ago and has never looked back! A former woman's athlete, publicist, fitness director and motivational speaker, his passion has and always will be helping people. The Dad of one little princess who oftne says,“When life knocks you down try to land on your back, because if you can look up, you can get up!"